Pharmacy Department

At Le Memorial Medical Services pharmacy department, our highly professional staff are there for you, to ensure and guarantee provision of drug therapy targeting to improve the patient’s quality of life. We are registered and regulated by the National Drug Authority and comply with a set of strict standards designed to ensure the highest quality of medicines and services are availed for you.

Staff in pharmacy are trained to the highest standards having been selected on a basis of experience and skill and they employ systematic quality management protocols and SOP’s that ensure quality conformance.

By coupling our expertise and pharmaceutical excellence, we work hand in hand with the medical team at le memorial to ensure we supply the right medicines tailored specifically to meet your requirements with your safety and well-being being our priority. Every prescription undergoes a thorough pharmaceutical assessment by our supervising pharmacist.

We see the person in every patient we see and each of them can be sure that they will be cared for with kindness and compassion by everyone they come into contact with which is very much in line with the hospital’s Vision and Mission.

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