Diet during pregnancy
Emergency conditions during pregnancy
Dos and don’ts during pregnancy
High risk mothers evaluation

1. 4 Gynecologist review visits during the 9months of pregnancy
2. 2 Obstetric ultra sound scans
3. Routine medications to take i.e. iron supplements, malaria prophylaxis (fansida)
4. Lab tests during the visits i.e CBC, urinalysis, STDS like syphilis, HIV/AIDS screening, Hepatitis, widal tests.
Delivery can be divided into:
1. Normal delivery where the baby is full term and the mother delivers the baby by pushing with help of a mid-wife.
2. C/section which can either be Elective or emergency C-section.
After discharge from the hospital, post natal care is offered 6 days after delivery and six weeks after delivery to make sure both mother and baby are well.

Family planning services are encouraged and are totally free of charge at our facility.

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